Monday, August 19, 2019
Christ the Light
Jesus Christ

God is Immutable

God is Immutable, God does not change over time or cannot be changed. In the Holy Bible we clearly find God’s quality of immutability. God...

Be About His Business

Time on God’s anvil should clarify our mission and define our purpose. When a tool emerges from a blacksmith’s anvil, there is no question...
Now what ?

Now What?

Being a Christian is about “being in” Christianity . Put most plainly, you begin a life of “abiding” in Him and “remaining” in Him....
God World

Gods World

In the Bible so briefly and yet clearly summarizes God’s relationship with humanity as it is Gods world. The Bible tells us that Gods...
Created According to God

Created According to God

Man in his earthly form is with sin from the moment he is born into this world. To be born again is to be...

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