Monday, February 18, 2019
Psalms of Ascent
In Lords Name

Praising Lord

Praising in Lord is not only vital to our faith but that it’s also a requirement. Praising God does not come naturally to most...
Ask In Prayer

In Prayer

In prayer, we speak to God just as though he was here and in the stillness of those sacred times, we listen to his...
Dominion Power

Dominion Power

God made man in his own image and let us have dominion power over the fish of the sea,over the fowl of the air,...
pleasures of the world

Pleasures of the Word

God created man and placed him in a very good world, God gave man a simple command; not to eat from the Tree of life....
Goodness of God

Goodness of God

The goodness of God, here spoken of includes both the amiableness and benevolence of his nature, and the bounty and beneficence of his providence...
Judgement According to God

Judgment According to God

It is said with respect to judges and witnesses, that the one should not bear false witness in a court of judgement to the...
Divine Nature

Divine Nature

It has been asked, If Jesus had a divine nature and how could he say that he did not know the day and hour...

Gods Blessing

The blessings of God are spiritual and physical and it should never to be taken for granted. People under Moses leadership thought of the...
Depart from evil

Depart from evil

Depart from evil from all sin and especially from all wicked and injurious acts and practices against thy neighbor. Do Good; be ready to perform...
Meeting God Face To Face

Meeting God Face To Face

Ever wished to see God face-to-face and have a personal conversation with him. Some say God speaks with them on a regular basis, even...

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