Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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The seven deadly sins

There are many questions on people’s mind on what the seven deadly sins ? According to Christian tradition the seven deadly sins are; Lust,...


Temptations or lusts of the flesh, are greater for young men than for old men. He energy of the young man is great at...

Pasture Experiences

Have you ever felt God calling you to something? How did you react? You could do one of two things: with good intentions, you...
God disciplines us

God disciplines us

When we go contrary to His will , word and way God disciplines us, corrects us and forgives us because he loves us so...
act of creation

God in the act of Creation

John opened his gospel with a pretty astounding statement: Jesus was with God in the beginning. In fact, He was and is God, and...

Timely Instructions

God gives timely instructions that not only affect or benefit you but others whom you know and don’t know. When God instructs you to...


What does the word “abide” mean? To abide in something is to accept, act in accordance with a decision, keep to, stand by, or...
Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution

Conflict is something we face in our everyday life which makes our life miserable. Many people try conflict resolutions to escape the situation. The...
Psalm of David

Psalm of David

The book of Psalms as know as Psalm of David, I am taken to a place of tranquility and peace instantly. My anxious thoughts...
prayer is a weapon

Prayer is a weapon

Prayer is a weapon that has divine power to demolish strongholds.In fact, prayer is one of the most powerful weapons God has given us so...

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