Wednesday, October 23, 2019
God Is Light

God; Respect, Love, Fear And Honor

God; Respect, Love, Fear And Honor, It’s much more difficult to respect those we dislike, those we disagree with and those we disapprove of....
A New Beginning, A New Life

A New Beginning, A New Life  

Our lives are no longer worldly; A new beginning a new life is need to be spiritual. Our “death” is that of the old...
Gods Promise to Isaiah

Gods Promise to Isaiah

It is to be regarded as addressed primarily to the exiled Jews during their long and painful captivity in Babylon; Gods Promise to Isaiah that...
Gods Intention

What Is God’s Hidden Intention

No matter how much you are able to accept. What Is God’s Hidden Intention how much you have understood or how much you obtain....

The Origin Of Christmas Tree

First of all there are many stories regarding the origin of the Christmas tree, making it the likeliest place of origin. Evolution In the 16th century...
Origin Of Christmas

The Origin of Christmas Eve

For centuries, Christmas was celebrated not as a single day. The Origin of Christmas Eve as a whole season in parts of the world,...
lords forgiveness

Lord’s Forgiveness

Lord’s Forgiveness; Forgiveness of our sins by repentance because of Atonement of Jesus Christ. Forgiving Others In addition to seeking forgiveness for our own sins, we...
christmas present

The Joy of Christmas

we’re told during the story of the first Christmas that, because all of the inns were full. Joseph and Mary stayed in a stable....
the first miracle

The First Miracle

This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee and manifested forth his glory; The First Miracle the water is turned into wine....
trials and tribulations

Trials and Tribulations

Trials and Tribulations, almost all of us have gone through difficult paths in our lives. Many times we ponder why GOD permits bad, and...

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