Saturday, January 19, 2019
Meeting God Face To Face
Pray In Faith

Forgiveness sets us free

The last time they had seen each other, Esau was plotting to murder his brother, Jacob (see Genesis 27:41–45). As the years passed, Esau...

Prayer under great affliction.

As Christians, from our childhood we are taught that the best way of having a relationship with God is through Faith and prayer. The...
Honor and Glorify God

Honor and Glorify him

Whether personal, professional, financial, relational or spiritual individuals set goals for a variety of reasons. The primary reason one should aim to accomplish any...
Faith is the foundation

Faith is the foundation

Before we talk about prayer, we must first address faith. In fact, the prayers we pray say a lot about the faith we possess....

Spirit of contentment

Contentment can be an elusive pursuit. We go after what we think will make us happy only to find that it didn’t work; in...

Envy versus Kindness

Envy shows up within the fourth chapter of the Bible, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that the first two chapters deal...
God's goodness

God’s Goodness

Our mind keeps wavering about God’s goodness, when Good things happen in life we believe in him, pray to him and even praise him....
insecure girl

Feeling Insecure

Feeling insecure? Turn your pages of the bible to Psalm 139. It is the perfect antidote. You may think that people would despise you...
fighting fear

Fighting Fear

Remember the story of how David defeated Goliath of the Philistines (see 1 Samuel 17)? A few years later, the Philistines captured David and...
psalm of David

A Psalm of David

When I read the 23rd Psalm, I am taken to a place of tranquility and peace instantly. My anxious thoughts quiet down at just...

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