Church’s Reformed

Church’s Reformed

Tourist to Germany would notice that the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation means a great deal to the country. Here Church’s are reformed one after another.

Church’s ReformedDespite all this, however, few in Europe see the relevance of the Protestant Reformers’ theological and spiritual vision for today. Many dismiss their doctrinal and agenda as a mask for political and economic interests of power-hungry royalty.

Others blame the Reformation for due to Europe into divisive wars and struggles.

With few exceptions, Europe’s church’s are Reformed and are more or less to the advance ecumenical relationships with Catholics.

Church’s Reformed

Division of Faith

There’s little cause for celebration anyway, as most churches have long abandoned or at least, significantly revised. Grace alone is of little consequence in an age when ministers minimize sin and maximize humanity’s inherent goodness and free will.

Therefore ,it appears Erasmus won the debate with Luther over the bondage of the will after all. Faith alone and Christ alone have been replaced by the supposedly humbler positions of “We don’t know” and “Many paths lead to God.” And soli Deo gloria is the forgotten sola, known in Germany today only through the SDG inscribed under Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions.

Even Europe’s Free Church’s  Are Reformed

Church’s ReformedThe Reformers quest is for biblical and spiritual depth has been substituted for deep anti-intellectualism.

Ministers have largely traded the reformers on the Christ-centered preaching of the Word for theater performances. Our prayer is that God who sparked the Reformation 500 years ago would renew post-Christian and Europe, as well as many other regions around the globe.

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