Acknowledge the Lord

In our lives sometimes difficulties arise each day. Acknowledge the Lord and let not mercy and truth forsake thee; God’s mercy in promising, and his truth in performing. We must trust in the Lord with all our hearts, believing he is able and wise to do what is best.

Proverbs 3:6

“In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.”

We must acknowledge the LORD in all your ways in following his counsels.  Set him before us; consider him as ever present with thee. Acknowledge that all you have, in providence and grace, come from him. We would have only one path at every decision, if you did not create other options by consulting your foolish heart or the foolish hearts of others.

When things go cross and adverse, don’t let your mind submit to his sovereignty; and be still and know that he is God, that does all things right, for his own glory and his people’s good.

Understanding the steps needed to receive God’s guidance, and be enabled to practice them with complete confidence that you are in the center of God’s will.

Choosing the Right Path

Furthermore we must chose the right thing in the right way; with the right people under the right leadership. God is more concerned about us becoming righteous. He wants to straighten our paths in the sense of making them to be not crooked or devious. We are by no means meant to stray off the right path. Since we will certainly fall into sin.

God is making our paths righteous. Likewise will ensure we remain on the right path. He will direct us into a righteous path for us to walk in.

Christians are committed to listening to God. God wants to guide us. Many of us who try and live somewhere in between both extremes still worry that if we don’t act spiritually enough. We will miss out on what God wants to say to us, and so make a mistake.

Biblical the heart does not merely equal emotions, but rather the very centre of our being- the decision making, and constant part of us that doesn’t change. This Verse tells us not to trust our own heart as our heart deceptive and with mixed motive.

We must learn to trust in God. The bible can give us guidance.

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