Christ the Light

Christ was the Light spoken of by the prophet. During the period of Christ’s nativity, there was the darkness of types. Few in Jerusalem looked for redemption, what was the state of the heathen world! They, indeed, by all their wisdom, knew not God; they were immersed in the darkest idolatries and most cruel superstitions.

Isaiah 9:2 

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.”

We must look within our own hearts for that guilty ignorance, that willful blindness and hardened indifference to God and His truth.

To the Gentiles, no less did the coming of Christ present a religion able, for the first time, to resolve all their doubts, to satisfy all their wants. Christ, the Lord of love, finds out the neglected one and comes first to it; honors it, brings to it the joy unspeakable of being cared for and loved.

Time of Despair

An era when Jesus was born was one of peculiar darkness. Ignorance, vice, superstition, violence, fanaticism, unbelief, despair  these abounded as never before.

He became Christ the Light of the world similarly his truth illumined the dark. His life shed a bright light on the life of man; his redeeming death opened and made clear to all mankind the way of return and restoration to God.

In the depths of oppression, depression, war and separation from God; all symbolized by the presence of darkness.

Isaiah in its political and historical literary is a witness to; meaning for Christians beyond the level of foretelling or prophesy. Isaiah is not only heard as proof of the fulfillment of God’s promises but as testimony to this aspect of God.

God’s light that shines in all of our darkness, we are reminded that this is not just a claim or because of Jesus, but points to the nature of who God is.

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