Confidence in God

This is the real world. Confidence in God is required in the real world. This is what we mean by the natural – the normal. Flesh and bone constrained by nature.

Naturally, some people are better looking, more talented, more intelligent. We organize ourselves by the natural abilities we are born with people with different talents . If you aren’t sure in which category you belong, there are countless personality tests to help you find your proper place. The real world is cold, calculating, bounded by rules and systems.

Christian Community

We’re Christians: Christ-followers. Christ taught something different than the limitations of this “real world.” He said, “believe in me.” He said if we have faith we can move mountains! He said, “peace be still,” and a storm ceased! God multiplied food, and healed natural diseases unnaturally! Also he did unimaginable things – supernatural things. Furthermore lived beyond the natural law, and so offers us this ability as well.

We may live in the “real” world, but we are not of the “real” world: right? Why, then, do we struggle with confidence? Why do we fight a constant battle with self-esteem and self-worth? Is it because we have yet to understand what it means to live supernaturally? We are so awestruck by the unnatural miracles of Christ we fail to understand that some of His greatest miracles were simple words to a woman caught in adultery, or a Samaritan woman whom society determined worthless. Maybe we forget His message was a kingdom of equality; not an equality of talents or abilities, but a Kingdom of equal worth.

Today may you find confidence in the God who is constantly breaking society’s laws. People following the natural law look for value by devaluing others. What a terrible cycle!

Jesus came to free us from this cycle!

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