How to overcome challenges in your marriage relationship

How to overcome challenges in your marriage relationship

Observe gospel standards, such as praying daily as couple and as family, attending Church and paying tithing.

Value covenants to each other above all other loyalties. Approach problems with the idea of how problems will be resolved, not whether they will be solved.- Set aside time on a regular basis for discussion. Almost any problem can be discussed if approached in the right spirit.

Be united in dealing with children; do not allow them to become a wedge between you.

Realize not all issues may be solved; you may need to agree to disagree.

Remember that most serious family problems arise from finances. Therefore, determine a budget, live by it and save some money.

Keep your problems confidential. Share them, as necessary, with appropriate Church leaders.

Remember that if professional counseling is needed, make sure the counselor is understanding of and sympathetic to gospel principles and will tailor counseling according to those principles.

Encourage the development of your spouse’s talents and interests; this makes for a more contented partner.

Eliminate criticism. Resolve to pay your spouse at least one compliment a day. Build each other up.

Allow for human imperfection; cut your spouse some “slack.”

Be slow to anger. If a situation becomes too heated, declare a “time-out” for 30 minutes.

Do not carry grudges. Face problems as they arise, and do not allow them to fester.

Maintain a sense of humor; it can make all the difference in the world.


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