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How do i know that God hears my prayer?

God is omniscient. He is aware of every prayer that is prayed and every thought .

In Friday Sermons

Yes But God

Two of the most beautiful words in the Bible are “but God.” We are totally depraved .

In Friday Sermons

Biblical Authority and Jesus

The apostle Paul accepted the fact that the Word of God was inspired, incorruptible, indestructible .

In Friday Sermons

A Life Worthy of the Gospel

The Bible always stresses a balance between the content of one’s beliefs and the resulting .

In Friday Sermons


The word “salvation” is an all-embracing term. It testifies that God is good. The greatest .

In Friday Sermons

New Life in Christ

The most basic work of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life is the new .

In Friday Sermons

Reasonable Spiritual Service of Worship

Reasonable, Spiritual Service of Worship God is looking for holy vessels that are dedicated for His .

In Friday Sermons

Getting Near to God

The essential work of our great High priest is to bring us near to God. .

In Friday Sermons

Get in the Boat with Jesus

The vital thing in discipleship is to actually follow Jesus Christ wherever He goes. Have I .

In Friday Sermons

Carefully Read the Warning Label

Depravity. That is not a beautiful word. It means that the corruption of sin has extended .

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