Fulfillment of the prophecies

Circumstances of Jesus’ death, more fully related to the fulfillment of the prophecies. Our Lord Jesus came forth, willing as a result exposed to their scorn. It is good for every one with faith, to behold Christ Jesus in his sufferings. Pilate seems to have thought that Jesus might be some person above the common order. Even natural conscience makes men afraid of being found fighting against God. Our Lord suffered for the sins both of Jews and Gentiles.

John 19:19

And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was Jesus Of Nazareth The King Of The Jews.

First of all Christ’s examples teaches all men to honor their parents in life and death; to provide for their wants, and to promote their comfort by every means in their power.

Christ been thus rejected of men. Now was the Son of man delivered into the hands of wicked and unreasonable men. He was led forth for us so that we might escape. Hence, he was nailed to the cross as a Sacrifice bound to the altar.

Fulfillment of the Scripture

To Christ crucified we owe merit for our justification and Spirit and grace for our sanctification.

Pilate would not gratify the chief priests by allowing the writing to be altered; which was doubtless owing to a secret power of God upon his heart that this statement of our Lord’s character and authority might continue.

Above all roman soldiers were fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament. All things  written shall be fulfilled. Christ tenderly provided for his mother at his death. Sometimes, when God removes one comfort from us, he raises up another for us, where we looked not for it.

May we ever look to Him, whom, by our sins, we have ignorantly and heedlessly pierced, nay, sometimes against convictions and mercies; and who shed from his wounded side both water and blood, that we might be justified and sanctified in his name.

The prophecies of the Old Testament, which pointed at the sufferings of the Messiah were accomplished.

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