Honour All

Because of our faith in Christ we have become the people of God and obtained His mercy and grace.

Honour All

The sum of our duty towards God and men; to men, both in general, honour all men, and in special relations, in their Christian or religious relations. All men must pay reverence as Christians to God with love and fear.

As children of God we have a responsibility to live godly lives, as to the will of the Lord.

1 Peter 2:17

Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

Christians, were not a special group of people, but because of our faith in Christ we have become the people of God and obtained His mercy and grace, His love and forgiveness.

It is for this reason that John exhorts us to honour all men; to love the brotherhood; to fear God and also to honour the king and those in authority.

Humbly Respect All

We once were slaves to sin.  We did what sin commanded. But, God paid the price to redeem us.  We are free – paid for by Jesus Christ on the Cross. Our freedom is a freedom from sin – we are free to serve whomever we choose. We have to choose Sin, or our Savior?

As we try to respect everyone and love believers, we stumble. We can do through the power of God.  And this humbling leads us into reverence. This new covenant grace of fear springs from the goodness of God.

We must seek to honour everyone in truth, love thur Christ; fear the Lord with holiness; respect our emperor and those in authority. Trust in the Lord with all our heart without leaning on our own limited understanding.

Where the fear of God is, there will be due respect shown to all men.  The judgment of the world in regard to us is made up from their observation of the manner in which we perform them.

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