Our Blessings

We must trust God with our spiritual needs.

Our Blessings

Our work for God is done, when our life is done. Our blessings; God had done many things for people, and for their fathers before them. God’s mercies for us, is an exhortation to fear and serve God, in gratitude for his favors, and that it might be continued.

Joshua 24:13

“And I have given you a land for which ye did not labour, and cities which ye built not, and ye dwell in them; of the vineyards and olive yards which ye planted not do ye eat.”

The conditions of life amid which we live to-day constitute veritably the promised land of the many generations. Therefore it depends upon the quality and policy of our life daily. Hence be modest, self-forgetting devotion to the will of God.        God forbid that we ever leave the Lord to serve other gods. But if we turn away from him and worship other gods, it will bring upon us the punishment.

Witness of Gods Blessings

Joshua stood before Israel and commanded them to make their choice. Joshua does not want the Israelites to think that the blessing of the Promised Land is unconditionally guaranteed, with no obligation on their part. God had given them the land, but to continue residence there the people must follow the terms set down by the giver.

Joshua provided the people an opportunity to reaffirm their choice.

We must trust God with our spiritual needs but break his commands in our efforts to meet our physical or emotional needs. Affirmation to serve God is followed by the official covenant.

Our deliverer has blessed us. Now as we have to do is to follow his requirements. So our future may be happier, wiser and purer for the rest of our lives. For god will watch over us and protect us.

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