pleasures of the world

God created man and placed him in a very good world, God gave man a simple command; not to eat from the Tree of life. In an act of rebellion and for pleasures of the world, man rejected God’s kingship and listened to the voice of the devil and fell from his favored place. Man came under the domain of sin, death, darkness and spiraled into greater violence, evil and despair.

God Did Not Abandon ManPleasures of World

He chose Abraham and his family and in doing so, created a division within humanity: Jews and Gentiles. Jews were placed under Moses laws. In this period of man’s rebellion, God ruled the Jews through good angels and his holy and righteous law and ruled the pagans through dark powers, their evil and oppressive laws.

Colossians 3:2

“Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

Indulge not ourselves in the possession of earthly things as though they were to satisfy our soul. If you would seek heaven, your affections must be taken off from the pleasures of the world. The heavenly mind spends time thinking and attending earth, family, neighbors, church, job, earthly joys similarly person mindset is governed by heavenly things intentionally, deliberately considers and engages them.

On the other hand the Bible also speaks of some very definite responsibilities we have while here on earth; our work, family, health, friends, money, etc


Christians do have two sets of desires that are warring against one another, desires of the flesh and the desires of the Spirit. We live in this world with responsibilities and temptations and without loving this world conformed values.

Read BibleHowever according to the bible, be heavenly minded means to conform our everyday desires, attitudes and actions to the image of Christ.

But it all must start with a choice on our part; we must choose to desire the things of God above, rather than pleasures of the world.

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