Spiritual Sense

In a spiritual sense, in the first times of the Gospel, when the church of Christ was built up and established in the world the tabernacle of David, or church of Christ, shall be raised  which has fallen. It literally respects Jerusalem and the rebuilding of that after seventy years captivity may signify either the decree of God.

Micah 7:11 

 “In the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed.

Because of spiritual sense, it has regard to the church of Christ in Gospel times. Also the removal of human laws, traditions, rites and ceremonies by respecting religious things that gives ways to God and Christ.

Micah was a prophet sent to his own people, seems like the people of the southern kingdom of Judah. Judah had gone through the disastrous reign of Ahaz. Hence, Micah had witnessed the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Pure Thought

Micah’s basic message is about our spiritual sense; God is fed up of the way his people are living. There are certain things that set God off. It is interpreted by some; it may refer to the decree of Cyrus for rebuilding the city and temple. Things like Idolatry and rebellion obviously, but cheating and exploiting others, especially the vulnerable is particularly intolerable in God’s eyes.

God will vindicate those who are victims of injustice, and will forgive those who seek him. In other words, God will set right his relationships with mankind through spiritual sense.

God is faithful. He will pursue his people, will defend his covenant. As he has declared promises. Will fulfill all that he promised and has done so in Christ. Though we reject his grace, he pours out grace upon grace to make things right.

Micah has grasped the human condition without God. Likewise God comes to look for those that please him and finds none. Furthermore it is reminiscent of the Greek philosopher Diogenes who walked the streets with a lantern looking for an honest man.

Nothing was as God had meant it to bet therefore, God won’t offend anybody. Most noteworthy, God who will save his people without any judgment or conversion or repentance.

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