Temptations or lusts of the flesh, are greater for young men than for old men. He energy of the young man is great at this point, but his work must reveal his belief in God.

We must be diligent to know, follow and proclaim sound doctrine. Doctrine refers to “teaching” and “instruction.” It is teaching was is good for our soul as it aligns you with God’s will.

Titus 2:7

“In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness.”

Here fear about getting older because of the aches, pains and loss of physical ability that come with aging body. Whatever valid concerns there are about aging, of greater consideration should be your spiritual and moral character.

Their minds are as stiff as their joints and the sourness of their disposition speaks of bitterness rather than a life lived in the joy of the Lord.

He would have already handled many problems. We should have learned the importance of being in command by thinking controlled actions.

Those who are sound in faith have learned to walk with God in a personal way of intimate trust without temptations.

These good deeds are not to be superficial acts of kindness and charity. These deeds are good in the sense of genuine, righteous, noble and excellent. Such deeds require commitment and sacrifice and are to become a normal way of life in seeking to bring glory to Christ.

Worship leaves many people thinking they have pleased God. when all we have done is entertain ourselves-with temptations. False teaching about physical health and financial prosperity have resulted many being defrauded in our finances. which in return leaves feeling of guilty and spiritually impoverished whenever they get sick.

It refers to both the outward decorum and propriety of good manners and conduct. For the inward thought  of life and attitudes that should mark a spiritually mature man.

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