It was here Jesus first begins to use “Blessed are those…” In what might be a constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven. The principles are put out before everyone. Jesus turns to His disciples and spills out the heart of His mission. He Himself will one day be leaving; but through the Holy Spirit will these same disciples be living in.

Matthew 5:16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

If we could only believe and understand that Gods work, His great work through His disciples like you and me. This is why the Christian life is called a life of faith. He does it so that we can share in His eternal rewards not because we have specialized in theology or are good in teaching or even in giving.

Man hides in his private humanism, shut the doors and keep the curse of the world out.  Their marriages are falling apart. Man hides in his heart.  He fumbles with sex and silliness. He but finds a desperate loneliness: hatred, loneliness and isolation.

Community with Christ

We all have special gifts and interests, but what is much more important and foundational are the focus of our calling.  God took Jesus out of the world and entrusted the rest of the mission to His disciples.

Also, God wants to pour this much love and grace upon you.

Praise, honor God or be led to worship him. Seeing in your lives the excellency of religion, and the power and purity of the gospel, they may be won to be Christians.

You are the essence of God’s relationship with the world around you. The Church isn’t just a little community off by itself somewhere. It is the confirmation that God still has an interest in our world.

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