God’s creation reveals His power and glory. And to us He has entrusted the message of His love the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. God’s message in the heavens paves the way for His messengers on earth.

Psalm 19:1 

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handy work.

The mighty one God of nature. It is the entire atmosphere enveloping the earth, in which the clouds hang and the birds move. Like the starry heavens above, this, too, “showeth,” or rather, “proclaimeth,” God’s handiwork.

They speak themselves to be works of God’s hands; for they must have a Creator who is eternal, infinitely wise, powerful, and good. The counter-changing of day and night is a great proof of the power of God and the kingdom of nature.

Creation Power of God

He delights to bless his church, which he has espoused to himself similarly his course will be unwearied as that of the sun, till the whole earth is filled with his light and salvation. It seems to me that in this Biblical conception of nature as the revelation of its Maker we find the common root whence have grown two very dissimilar growths of the ancient and of the modern world.

We reach the secret principles on which He makes, not made merely but is ever making, the world. When we thus know His mind or on what lines His will moves. Being made by God’s Word.

We are daily learning how patiently, and through what long, slow, even laborious processes God has been pleased to build up His physical universe, as though a thousand years were to Him of no more account than a single day.

Thanks to God, the Gospel continues its parable where the voice of nature falters and grows mute.

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