Good Providence

Good Providence

Christianity teaches men to be joyful under troubles. By Good providence exercises are sent from God. Love and trials in the way of duty that will brighten our graces now.

We should not pray for the removal of affliction for wisdom to make a right use of it.

James 1:10

”But the rich, in that he is made low: because as the flower of the grass he shall pass away. “

In the consideration of the low estate, out of which he was raised and by good providence of God. The low estate into which he may be presently reduced. Through the violence of persecution being stripped of all riches for Christ’s sake. But by good providence of which he might make his greatest glory.

To any that ask it shall be given. Mind that has single and prevailing regard to spiritual and eternal interest, that keeps steady in its purposes for God. When our faith, spirits rise and fall with second causes, there will be unsteadiness in our words and actions. This may not always expose men to contempt in the world, but such ways cannot please God.

Such seems to be the primary meaning of this passage, though, doubtless, there is a more spiritual significance underlying, which would teach the poorest that he may be “rich toward God,” and win from the most wealthy the acknowledgment of his deep poverty beside the Lord of all “good treasure.

Nor should the possessors of them be proud and haughty themselves. But should behave humbly and modestly to their fellow Christians.

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