How to defeat the Devil like David

I Peter 5:8 says “Be sober, watch your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking someone to devour”

The verse warns us about the devious enemy that is waiting to devour us. Peter says, sobriety and watchfulness are exceedingly necessary and useful in the life of a Christian. The one cannot be well without the other; unless a man is sober in body and mind, he cannot be watchful, either over himself or others or against the snares of sin, Satan and the world. If every man is not on his watch and guard, he is liable to sin and temptation. We the children of God should have a clear mind of sobriety and self control.

AS God watches us very carefully, there is another one – our enemy, who too watches us closely so that he can entrap us in sin. God’s purpose is to discipline us while the enemy seeks to destroy us. We should be watchful and vigilant; if not we could be devoured by the roaring Lion, the Devil. In John 10:10 Jesus says, ‘the thief does not come except to steal, and kill nad destroy.” Satan, the adversary of Mankind, is here as a thief, a murderer and destroyer.

As a deceiver he steals our position and truth to lead people astray. But God trains us to fight against the devil. David says in Psalm 144:1 “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle”. On one side we have the devil waiting to devour us, the Lord takes mercy on us and trains His people to war against the devil – He teaches us how to use His Sword, bow, shield and His spear. God is a man of war Himself and he teaches us the art of warfare. He furnishes us with the spiritual armour to fight the enemies and be victorious over them. When God is with us, we can easily defeat the enemy and his plan. When we stand against the devil in the name of Jesus, he runs away defeated. Ephesians 4 :28 says, “nor give place to the devil.”

A godly man can never give place to the devil, though he does all the tricks to get inside our mind and destroy our peace. But the devil can enter only if we give him space to enter; other wise, he cant. “Resist the devil. He will flee from you” says James 4:7. We must stand against the devil boldly because the one who is in us is greater than the one in the world. When the peace in our life is disturbed, we know the devil has entered in some devious way. A man of God learns to stand against the devil. Reject him space and he will flee.

If we live a life of faith and are confident that we are the children of God, then there wont be any place for the devil. God’s children are under the protection if his wings and his blood. It is the Blood of the Lamb that protects us. Haven’t we read in the times of Moses the door posts that were marked with blood escaped death while the hoses of the Egyptians weren’t protected?

When we walk in His ways, we know we are children of God. David had that kind of a confidence when he encountered Goliath. David knew in the hear of his heart that the Lord in him was far mightier than the Goliath in front of him. He knew he was under the protection of the Lord. “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the Living God?” asks David in I Samuel 17:26. So for every child of God, every Goliath will fall.

When Jesus was tempted in the desert, it is with words alone that he defeated the devil. When we read and meditate on the word of the Lord, it strengthens us to face the world and the devil, and to overcome it. We don’t fail, when God is with us. When His words fill us there is no place for the devil ion our lives. Satan is very cunning and has his own way to lead us into doubts when we are faced with troubles in our life. But for a man of God, nothing happens without His permission. When faced with troubles, do we murmur? Do we ask ourselves, “Has God forsaken us?” But that is the common man’s thought. A godly man never thinks that way as he knows nothing happens in his life without the consent of the Lord. At times, God permits sorrows in our lifes to shape and mould us in his likeness. Even in our sorrows and sufferings He always lets us know He is with us. Every trouble that we successfully tide over with the help of the Lord in our lives, we are doubly blessed at the end of the suffering.

It is true that God lets some pain in our lives when we go astray from Him. The Bible tells us about the life of Job, who faced adversity like no other in the Bible. He lost all his wealth, all that he got, including his own family. But that didn’t put an end to his trust in God. Adversity only strengthened his trust in the Lord and he knew it was all for a purpose. That is the lesson we take home today, suffering may seem purposeless, yet there is a profound lesson for us from Job’s life. A confident Job says, “He knows the way I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as Gold.” (Job 23:10)

When David visited his brothers at the camp, his brothers scolded him for coming there. But God had a greater purpose for David that day. He wantedto show all of Israel their future King. David’s visit to the camp had a heavenly purpose neither David nor his brothers could foresee. Yet, it was a moment of great chance in the History of Israel.

When nothing else works, Satan tries to remind us of our past by diverting our mind to failures from the past. But that is the way of the devil, he make you forget your victories in the Lord, in the past. But we can raise ourselves over the devious ways of the Satan by praising and thanking God for his mercies in our past life and for our victories. We must praise God again and again for our happiness and successful life in the past. The Psalmist says in 119:71 “It is giid for me that I have been afflicted; that I may learn your statues.” Thanking God for His blessings in the past, for the goodness we were blessed with, it will open new doors for our present and the future.

He wants us to be strengthened in Him, with Him so that we too can say like Paul in Philip 4:13 “I can do all things thorough Christ, who strengthens me.” When David stood before worldly mighty Goliath, God strengthened David. It was God who fought Davids battle against the giant and finally, it was done with just a pebble and not the sword or the spear, a tool of battle. In every actions, let us call upon the Lord to strengthen us, so that the end results are better than we can ever imagine.

The name of Jesus defeats all our enemies. Our faith in Him is the best weapon to drive away our enemies. When we use the name of Jesus with the power that it commands, then Satan cant stand against us. David, strengthened his own heart with the words he uttered in faith as he stood before Goliath. And at the end he gave the glory to whom it was due, “that all the earth may know that there is the God of Israel. With his faith in God alone David prevailed over Goliath because we know had he depended on his own strength he would have gotten himself killed. The Lord does not need a spear or a sword, he will give the faithful the enough strength to swing the sling with a pebble to win over world’s mighty Giants. We, with the strength of the Lord, meek as we are, can become slayers of giants. Like David, surrender your helpless selves to the Lord and have enough faith in Him to wage the war and win it for us. Because He lone can bring us victories that are long lasting. Like David, let our words of faith, help us find victory over the devil in our lives.


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