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As You Have Received Christ

As You Have Received Christ The only way you can live the Christian life is by .

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Anointed Preaching

Anointed Preaching Preaching is preaching only when the messenger is anointed with the Holy Spirit. The apostle .

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Absolute Truth

Absolute Truth Josh McDowell said recently that most evangelical Christian youth in the United States no .

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It is Finished!

It is Finished! Finished! The apostle John saw what was happening at the cross when Jesus was .

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The Eternal Purpose of God

The Eternal Purpose of God Where is God at work in your life? Are you going .

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Christ our Sacrifice

Christ our Sacrifice The Old Testament is full of sacrifices in which an innocent animal was .

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Come with Boldness for Grace and Mercy

Come with Boldness for Grace and Mercy The main argument of the Epistle of Hebrews .

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Biblical Authority and Jesus

Biblical Authority and Jesus The apostle Paul accepted the fact that the Word of God was .

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Risen with Christ

Risen with Christ “Death stung itself to death, when it stung Christ” –– Romaine. The greatest event .

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Privileges of the Child of God

Privileges of the Child of God The apostle Paul makes it very clear, if we are .

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