Bible Counsel

Obey godly counsel so our latter days will be blessed with wisdom.

Bible Counsel

There is much need to learn from our parents, from our teachers. Lessons are to be learnt from bible counsel; every event, however simple and humble it may be. You need to appreciate and apply instruction from others.

Proverbs 19:20

Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.”

Sometimes counsel comes to us. But sometimes, we have to seek it out. When counsel and instruction is given, he means that it should be heard in the sense of listening carefully.

One of the blessings of our life has been having godly men there to teach us and give us good, biblical counsel. Hearing godly counsel always went hand in hand with obeying. Therefore obedience was what is expected to be the response by God.

Purpose of Teachings

When we listen to obey godly counsel so our latter days will be blessed with wisdom. When we accept discipline and submit to the boundaries it provides we will be blessed to be wise in our latter days. His problem may come in that they think the wisdom came to them naturally or was some kind of inherited trait. That is just not true. Wisdom comes when a person listens and obeys others wiser than themselves. Wisdom comes to us because we choose to learn.

Therefore listen to the counsel and instructions of Christ for the goodness of our soul to be redeemed. But it is a mercy that the Lord saves whom he will save, and that we are saved by free grace.

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