Who are the Righteous? The righteous are the ones who obey the will of the Lord. Their of prayers of the Righteous are heard because they are upright in their heart. They are the ones who serve the will of the Lord on Earth. Our God, who loves the upright in the heart also hates the wicked with equal venom.

Proverbs 28:9

” He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.”

The Bible says, God was delighted for everything he had created in the Universe. But when he saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth, He was grieved in his heart for creating him. (Geni 6:5,6) He searched for an upright man and he found one in Noah. He walked with God. So God made a plan for Noah and his family but he destroyed all others from the face of the earth. Those who find His grace and favour also find their prayers of the Righteous answered. Do we pray as a family at home?

Seek God In Prayer

Do we seek him as the dark seeks the first light of the day?                                            With a humble heart, we should open our hearts to Him to enter and make us whole, in Him. Humbleness is the first requisite. Have an understanding about our own smallness in the sight of the Lord, Dispite of whatever our association might be with all things the world calls strong and mighty. Define-able is our smallness, lightness, the fragility of our proud-ego- filled being, and limitlessness of our most brilliant minds against His matchless might.

Doesn’t the Bible repeatedly warn us that ‘God resists the proud and grace to the humble.” If then that is the case, should we competing to humble rather than to feel proud. This is the kind of humbleness that He expects from us so that he can shape you in His likeness. James 4:10 says, “Only if we are humble before God, He will lift us up.” A humbled heart is the foundation on which He builds the new you in His likeness and it doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that shapes you daily in His likeness. Your humbling before the Will raise you up before the men of the world. God searches our heart to find any goodness in it.

God Seeks Our Holiness

Because he has created in us an intrinsic quality for goodness, He wants to find if we have been mindful of it.  Or have we buried it all? Here is how this is also related to the parable of the talents.  It has to light up the darkness of the world like the lamp on the table. The Lord accepted the prayers of the Tax Collector but not that of the pharisees, as the Tax Collector was aware of the dirt that stuck to him; there was nothing to call good in him. He knew he was nowhere near the likeness of the Lord. He could see the oceans of difference that separated him from the man he addressed as the Lord, Jesus Christ.

So when you pray to God, It must be a Prayer of the Righteous;humble yourself and pray it will be heard and answered. God is indeed delighted to answer the prayer of the righteous and upright man, and aspires to put his own above all men.


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