Depart from evil

Depart from evil from all sin and especially from all wicked and injurious acts and practices against thy neighbor.

Do Good; be ready to perform all good and be friendly to all men as thou hast opportunity.

Seek peace; study by all means possible to live peaceably and quietly with all men, avoiding grudges, debates, dissensions, strifes and enmities.Depart from evil Psalm

Pursue it; do not only embrace it gladly when it is offered, but follow hard after it when it seems to flee away from thee, and use all possible endeavours, by fair words, by condescension’s, and by the mediation or assistance of others, to recover it.

Psalm 34:14

“Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.”

It denotes that evil is near to men; it keeps close to them and should be declined and shunned: and it regards all sorts of evil, evil men and their evil company; evil things, evil words and works, and all appearance of evil; and the fear of the Lord shows itself in an hatred of it and a departure from it.

Be a good friend to everyone you meet. Fix your inner-self with tender hearted love as God would do for you as a result spread your love outwards in a wide circle that will cover the earth as it flows forward. Be gentle with those you correct, as you wish them to do with you. Similarly, encourage, teach and guide with love as Jesus did. Be an example in the New Year even more.Depart from evil peace

Seek peace and pursue it in the world and with all men as much as possibly. In neighborhoods, cities, states and in the churches of Christ.  Finally pursued after with eagerness and to be endeavoured for with diligence.

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