Turn to God through deploring your transgressions.


Man may blot his sins from his memory and repent his mind with hopes. But the peace which this will bring him is widely different from that which arises from God’s forgiveness of sin.

Acts 3:19

” Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.”

If you want to be converted, and want to repent, get out of Satan’s service, and get into the Lord’s. Leave your old friends, and unite yourself with God’s people.

Turn to God through deploring your transgressions and believing on his name; that your sins may be forgiven. This was a time of respite, which God gave us to repent of our sins. It may mean the whole reign of the kingdom of grace, and the blessings which God gives.  To all genuine believers, peace, love, joy and communion.

God Will Forgive

Seeing that repentance results from sorrow for sin, and leads to reformation of life, we can have no further difficulty. change in life which occurs when one becomes a child of God. Every turn has a beginning and baptism is the beginning of the change in life.

As God’s people, we walk and wrestle with God on a miraculous and mysterious journey. God is the faithful as a God of Resurrection. This means that when God decrees to fulfill some good purpose for us.

o if you repent toward God this morning and turn to trust this crucified and risen Messiah, Jesus, all your sins will be wiped away. This threefold sequel to repentance, represents three events that are closely and inseparably tied together. Just before the fruits of repentance are gathered into the kingdom.

When sinners are convinced of their sins, they will cry to the Lord for pardon. The turning to God is the consequence of the change of mind. Israel turns to God at once in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, then there will come at once those times of refreshing, those blessed days of righteousness, peace, rest and universal joy.

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