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Christ's Love

What you believe most deeply about God’s love will shape your experience of him. .

In Weekly Sermons

The meaning of Good Life

I’ve never met a single person who .

In Weekly Sermons

When God Seems Far Away

How does a book get in the Bible .

In Weekly Sermons

The Distinguishing Marks of a Christian

What are the distinguishing marks of a Christian? How would you know a Christian if .

In Weekly Sermons

Lessons from the Angelic Annunciation to Shepherds

The Christmas season is known for two things. It marks the birth of our Lord .

In Weekly Sermons

Defeating the Devil in Your Life

The pews of churches are filled with people bravely putting up a front that everything .

In Weekly Sermons

Abiding in Christ

Abiding in Christ Jesus Christ offers every believer His life. It is like the life .

In Weekly Sermons

The Lord of History

The Lord of History History moves toward a steady goal because God is in control of .

In Weekly Sermons

Finish Your Work, Lord

Finish Your Work, Lord Since we are the very workmanship of God created in Christ Jesus .

In Weekly Sermons

The Redeeming Blood of Jesus

The Redeeming Blood of Jesus The most precious title of Christ is Redeemer. It helps us .

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