In Daily Verses

What To Do? When We Get Weary

Serving. We’re exhorted to do it. We learn that Jesus came to serve (John 10:45). .

In Daily Verses

Lessons from God

God didn’t give Abram (later to be called Abraham) a detailed map or even show .

In Daily Verses

How to Go to Battle with the Enemy? and Win!

When you are in a battle, I know it's hard. I know the weight feels .

In Daily Verses

God Is Good

God is good in so many ways-the way he provides for us, guides us, and .

In Daily Verses

Ways Jesus Showed How to "Die Daily"

As Jesus’ disciples, we are called to follow Him. That was Paul’s mission in life .

In Daily Verses

The Lord of Hosts

The incredible thing is, God not only rules over heaven and earth, He communes with .

In Daily Verses

Build a Honeycomb of Gracious Words

What words are you putting out into the world? Are you choosing your words thoughtfully, .

In Daily Verses

God’s Word Is Never Wasted

We get distracted by the cares of the world, the lust of our eyes and .

In Daily Verses

God's Hammer Softens Hearts

Have you heard of God’s indestructible hammer as described in Jeremiah 23:29? If not, you .

In Daily Verses

God's Plan for Us

Sometimes, we may not believe this is true. Troubles swirl around us, pressures feel too .

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