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10 Christian Virtues That Need to Be Revived

We are called to be an example in our society, to guide others in the .

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Ascension Power

Some stories are so good that they simply need to be told again and again. .

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Follow Jesus’ Example

People’s mindsets usually determine their actions. What is your mindset? What motivates you? What do you .

In Faith

The Lions’ Den

Daniel was a faithful follower of the Lord, even though he lived in exile in .

In Faith

Prayer of Spirit

The Bible contains some marvelous prayers that were breathed out directly by the Spirit of .

In Faith

How God Motivates Us?

God motivates us to feel and to do what we should by calling to our .

In Faith

Benefits of Daily Devotional Reading

Why use a daily devotional if we have all we need in the Bible? This is .

In Faith

Gospel Flexibility

In this passage (1 Corinthians 9:19-23), the Apostle Paul defines Christian maturity as flexibility. .

In Faith

The lion and the lamb

What’s the most frequently used name for Jesus in the Book of Revelation? Is it .

In Faith

Hell on the Cross

Artists and poets have speculated over the centuries about hell (consider Dante’s “Inferno”), but the .

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