In Peace

Christian Motivation During The Tough Times

There is this stigma surrounding Christianity that says that once you "become a Christian" everything .

In Peace

Does God Hold Us in the Palm of His Hand?

How we feel about God holding us in the palms of his hands relates back .

In Peace

Ordinary Circumstances

It’s quite natural to hear a message of news and then wonder whether or not .

In Peace

How does God Turn Evil into Good?

At just 16 yrs. of age, St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and taken from .

In Peace

Trust the Lord with All Your Heart

If the future feels uncertain right now, and worry keeps occupying too much room in .

In Peace

Restoration of God's Joy

Everyone faces these unexpected and often unwanted circumstances at some point in life. Nobody gets .

In Peace

The Power of Psalms

The Psalms are a unique treasure of Scripture that connect a believer’s head and heart .

In Peace

Paul's Thorn in the Flesh

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul talks about having a “thorn” in his flesh. He describes .

In Peace

The Art of Contentment and Discontentment

However much you have, there are others who have more. However little you have, there .

In Peace

Choose the Good Portion

Luke 10:38-42 provides great insight about two sisters, Martha and Mary. When I read this .

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