In Daily Verses

Are You a Spiritual Fighter?

Heavenly Father, how can we possibly comprehend your will? In times of uncertainty, help us .

In Daily Verses

Greater Longing for Christ

The word “longing” in Psalm 42:1 goes beyond a momentary want. The original meaning of .

In Daily Verses

Abiding in Love in a Hurting World

The Bible is often referred to as a love letter or love story; an incomparable .

In Daily Verses

Living in Light of Your Inheritance

Imagine for a moment you receive a sizable inheritance from a rich relative. When you .

In Daily Verses


In our story today about Jesus’ betrayal, we read that Jesus went to a garden .

In Daily Verses

New Blood, New Covenant

If you look at the Scriptures of the Old Testament, you have an incomplete system. .

In Daily Verses

Don’t Be Alarmed

Followers of Christ will continue to be alarmed at the mockery of God and His .

In Daily Verses

Forget the Former Things

We all have distractions in our lives. Those little pests waiting to wreak havoc the .

In Daily Verses

Need for Light

The Lord Himself will be our light. In fact, Revelation 21:23 describes the heavenly city .

In Daily Verses

Will God Forgive Even That?

One thing that all of us as men and women have in common is that .

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