In Daily Verses

The Lord of Hosts

The incredible thing is, God not only rules over heaven and earth, He communes with .

In Daily Verses

Build a Honeycomb of Gracious Words

What words are you putting out into the world? Are you choosing your words thoughtfully, .

In Daily Verses

God’s Word Is Never Wasted

We get distracted by the cares of the world, the lust of our eyes and .

In Daily Verses

God's Hammer Softens Hearts

Have you heard of God’s indestructible hammer as described in Jeremiah 23:29? If not, you .

In Daily Verses

God's Plan for Us

Sometimes, we may not believe this is true. Troubles swirl around us, pressures feel too .

In Daily Verses

You Reap What You Sow

The concept of “sowing and reaping” is immensely better than “karma.” The sowing part is .

In Daily Verses

Made for This

Did you realize that the Bible tells us God predetermined the time and place that .

In Daily Verses

When Life Doesn't Go Your Way

Once upon a time there were two missionaries named Paul and Silas. They were like .

In Daily Verses

The power of last words of Jesus Christ

Last words have power. And often, deep meaning .

In Daily Verses

Set Your Face Like a Flint

The above Verse talks about setting my face like a flint .

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