In Daily Verses

Pray for each other

Prayer is powerful and effective, and God’s word tells us to pray for each other .

In Daily Verses

Keeping Our Mouths in Check

When Jesus calls us to listen and understand .

In Daily Verses

Ways to View Our Diets with a Biblical Perspective

Thousands upon thousands of searches for the word “diet,” .

In Daily Verses

Found by Those Not Seeking

At first glance, this verse might seem depressing, as it indicates a world that lacks .

In Daily Verses

The Blessings of God over You

The people of Israel had been camped at the foot of Mt. Sinai for almost .

In Daily Verses

Is Jesus Coming to Your House?

A story is told about a group of animals .

In Daily Verses

What Does "Noel" Mean?

Noel, another word for Christmas, .

In Daily Verses

5 Ways God's Christmas Gift Keeps on Giving

Growing up the first Scripture verse I remember memorizing is John 3:16. .

In Daily Verses

The Meaning of "IMMANUEL"

When the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream, he learned that Mary was "with .

In Daily Verses

When God Says “No”

God meets our needs. We know this because He calls himself Jehovah Jireh, which means .

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