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Your Faith

To experience an actual shipwreck would be one of the scariest experiences a person could .

In Daily Verses


Of all the things that are uncertain in this life, there is something we can .

In Daily Verses

Peace in Your Heart

In the midst of this crazy, ever changing world, is peace ruling your heart? If not, .

In Daily Verses

Believe God

Constantly changing events and breaking headlines can cause us to feel anxious and concerned about .

In Daily Verses

He Has Set Eternity in Our Hearts

Humans are unique in all of creation in that we contemplate life after death. The .

In Daily Verses

Keys to Live a Worry-Free Life

Worry and anxiety seem to be at an all-time high. Like many, you may feel overwhelmed .

In Daily Verses

Rejoice and Be Glad

Far more than a sunny platitude, this powerful verse celebrates God’s strength to call forth .

In Daily Verses

How God Reveals Himself ?

God is everywhere. Take a step outside and you will be surrounded by the intricacies .

In Daily Verses

Call on God for Help in Desperate Times

There’s a really bright side to the psalm 86. The beloved Charles Spurgeon comments on .

In Daily Verses

Bible Reading

Sometimes our Bible reading is alive and full-somewhat like a scenic picture bursting with color. .

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