In Daily Verses

Never Give Up through Unanswered Prayers

Some believe if you ask God once, you don’t need to ask Him again. However, .

In Daily Verses

Wonderful Meaning of this Familiar Psalm

Many of us may have heard this verse over long years. But often, with some .

In Daily Verses

Read Revelation

Revelation tells the end of our earthly story, but it also gives us a glimpse .

In Daily Verses

Follow Me, I Know the Way!

Throughout Scripture, Jesus extends the invitation to follow Him. One of the followers is .

In Daily Verses

Ways to Cultivate a Thankful Attitude

Are there times in your life when because of your circumstances, you don’t feel like .

In Daily Verses

How to Hang onto God?

So often in life when things get tough, we hear the words, “Just hang in .

In Daily Verses

Crawling by Faith

Have you read the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11? It honors a diverse list .

In Daily Verses

Lessons from Hannah's Faith

Hannah’s story is one of the most well-known stories of faith-filled women mentioned in the .

In Daily Verses

The Gift of Sacrificial Love

Jesus taught the value of sacrificial love. While Jesus doesn’t intend for us to die .

In Daily Verses

How to Overcome Evil with Good?

Do you realize by doing good, you are defeating evil? .

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