In Verses and prayer


There are many days where we feel an overwhelming sense of discouragement, exhaustion, or frustration. .

In Verses and prayer

Peace in Confusing Times

Confusion usually causes us to feel anxious and panicked. Decision-making becomes almost impossible when we .

In Verses and prayer

Peace That Surpasses Understanding

We have a very real, sinister enemy. He is invisible yet has been effective in .

In Verses and prayer

Encouragement for Your Work

What do you pray for? I pray for my family, my marriage, my health… for .

In Verses and prayer

Winter Blues

Winter pops up in the Bible as early as Genesis 8:1. The literal Hebrew translation .

In Verses and prayer

Walk in Your Convictions

Galatians 5:25 tells us that “if we say we live by the Spirit we must .

In Verses and prayer

Spiritual Complacency

Complacency and hesitancy typically go hand in hand. We see often this happen as Christians .

In Verses and prayer

Bigger Worldview

Nothing shakes your world like returning from a third world country that is riddled with .

In Verses and prayer

Remember God’s Past Help

There are so many circumstances in our lives that can cause us to feel overwhelmed, .

In Verses and prayer

When the Rogue Waves of Life Hit

Rogue waves can change our life in an instant, no matter how prepared we think .

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