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Walk in Your Convictions

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Walk in Your Convictions

If we live by the Spirit, let us stay in step with the Spirit. -Galatians 5:25.

Galatians 5:25 tells us that “if we say we live by the Spirit we must stay in step with the Spirit.” Staying in step with the Spirit means walking in the convictions God lays on our hearts. Then, when we begin living in the truth of what scripture says, we’ll see the gift conviction is. We will see that conviction is God’s pursuit of our heart and that He desires for us to know Him more deeply through it.

Conviction leads us to bear fruit in our lives. Conviction is the pruning process God uses to make us more like Him. This is an honor to know that our Creator wants us to reflect Him to this world that so desperately needs to see people living lives of order; and order comes when we talk in conviction. I pray we celebrate this and praise Him for loving us so much that He doesn’t want to leave us in our sin. May we turn to the Word of God as we walk boldly in the convictions He lays on our hearts.

Pray with me…


Thank you for conviction, and thank you for loving me enough to pull me out of my sin. I pray, Father, for a heart that boldly walks in its convictions and leans into you. Help me Lord to see conviction as a gift, a gift of grace and mercy. Please continue to stir in my heart the places I’ve fallen complacent and lead me as I turn from them.

Help me to live out the truth from Galatians 5:25, that if I say I live by the Spirit, let me stay in step with the Spirit.

In Jesus Name,


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